Meal Planning while mom is away…

menuplanmonday1I am going to a business conference this week.  I will be away from Tuesday evening through Friday afternoon/evening and will then go back to a different conference for the weekend where I am moderating a session on Sunday afternoon.  I have babysitting for the kids arranged and I thought they would like to stay in a hotel for the weekend and swim in the pool and in general have some fun while I am working.

Of course, all of this traveling is deadly to the budget but I am trying to get alot of things worked out so that it doesn’t die completely.  Part of that will be trying to plan and have meals made ahead for the babysitter to feed the kids and for me to have lunches prepared so I don’t have to go out for every meal while I am away.

Here is our Meal Plan for the week:

Sunday (Home) : Kids: Chicken Nuggets and Waffle Fries (there was enough to put together two lunches each for the boys to take in their lunchboxes);  Mom: Red beans and brown rice with turkey kielbasa (and there was enough leftover to make two lunches for mom)

Monday (Home): Kids and Mom: Whole Grain Spaghetti with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese (will make 2 pounds of spaghetti)

Tuesday (Home): Kids and Mom: Whole Wheat Pizza

Wednesday (Away): Leaving $20 for the babysitter to take the kids to McD’s – this is so rarely a treat at our house and it will take away from the fact that I am not there

Thursday (Away): Jen’s Spicy Sausage Pasta made with non-spicy diced tomatoes cuz the kids don’t like spicy

Friday (Home): Leftovers (spaghetti, pizza or Sausage Pasta)  we may even eat this in the car on the 3 hour ride back to the conference…maybe pizza would work best!

Saturday (Away): We will eat somewhere on the waterfront and I might even let them have snacks for dinner…we’ll have to see what comes up!

Check out what other people are serving at Menu Planning Monday.

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