Got a text this am from K.  My camera is in her car.  She was cleaning out her car in the front yard with the kids and Riley was helping her.  She says he must have left it there by accident.  Now, I don’t know whether to believe this or not? 

Just finished doing most of the clothes change over for the kids.  I have been putting away some of the winter clothes in a plastic bin for the last several weeks as I have been folding the laundry but today decided to pull out all of the summer clothes.

I have been so blessed with regard to clothes.  I have been lucky enough to have family and friends with older children who have given me their (like new it seems) hand-me-downs.  Especially for the girls, I have not had to buy clothes -except for a handful of things for special occasions- at all!

So, I think pulled out 4 big bins of clothes.  I don’t think the girls will have to wear the same outfit twice this summer!  The boys are not that overwhelmed with clothes but should make it through the summer without me needing to buy anything.  And since I am (still) (perpetually) trying to lose a little weight…I won’t buy myself anything either.  This is good because I have NO money.

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