Can you say frustration?

frustrationI had to work today and had K babysit.  I am not sure about her.  She is variable in terms of my feeling that she has control over the kids.  Today was definitely not a good day. 

I’m driving home at 11:45 and Riley calls me to ask if Kate should feed them.  since I am expecting to be home in a half hour I say no.  then, I finish an errand and am on the way home and the phone rings again.  It is Riley…GUESS WHAT?!  YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME.  THE BIG TV IS BROKEN…YOU CAN HEAR THE VOICES BUT YOU CAN’T SEE ANY PICTURES. 

Turns out, he decided that he could climb up into the chair and reach around the back and try and plug in the playstation into the back of the $1000 TV.  He is screaming that he didn’t do it and that he did nothing as I am walking in the door and Kate says “He told me he knew how to plug it in and it stopped working”  Okay, I go ballistic …”um, K, he is 6 years old, you don’t let him play with that- even if he says he can do it!” 

Luckily I was able to fix it – in trying to connect the playstation, he disconnected part of the cable…of course, it is incredibly scary to me because what I don’t need is to buy a new TV – we would have to go without it for a while. 

Now, about 1/2 hour ago he comes running into the house asking if he can use my camera to take pictures of the neighbors.  He is yelling and runs to the cabinet that I keep my cameras in…but…they aren’t there.  “Riley, did you use my camera?”…um, call K, she was taking pictures and she must have put it somewhere.  So I call K and …”Riley was taking pictures, I don’t know where he put the camera”.   I’m too frustrated to ask her why she let Riley play with my camera unsupervised. 

So, now the whole house is in bed, i’ve turned the house upside down, I looked outside, it is no where to be found.  can I say I am pissed?!

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  1. Ugh… I don’t know about you, but I just had Russian Nanny flashbacks.


  2. It is so frustrating to have a person willing to babysit and who is generally available and then that person doesn’t adequately supervise the kids! I’ve had that happen and found medicine in one of the kids’ little couches. It’s really scary!


  3. Follow your gut on the sitter. It is obvious from the blog that you are not comfortable.

    Good child care (or the lack of it) is the bane of the single parent’s existence. It is the thing I worry about the most.


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