(like anyone cares!)…

…I am now down 1 day and 6 more to go on service.  Yesterday was a killer; 6 old patients, 9 new patients (0f whom we got to 6) and 4 questions to answer.  My head is spinning and I am looking forward to a Tuesday when the craziness will stop!

…I have been increasing my “movement” and have (begrudingly) done my 4 flights of stairs everyday since last Wed (well, not on the weekend).  Today I even did 3 extra flights cuz I was going to my clinic and entered from the basement but it ended only being 3 flights to my clinic so I decided at lunch to do my 4 and get it over with.  It actually wasn’t as bad until the 4th flight so I’m thinking that maybe it has to do with not being in the morning? anyway, assuming the scales are good to me tonight, I am aiming for 5 starting tomorrow! (keep that defibrillator on standby)

…we had our Mac-and-Cheese last night and I have the Lasagna out to thaw so …looks like the dinners are pretty well planned.

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  1. I enjoy your updates! We ate the chicken pot pies last night (well, 1.25 of them!). They were good! Marcie didn’t like it but the others did. Good luck on the scale tonight! 🙂


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