garagesaleYesterday as I was leaving my house, I saw a sign for the Wyndham Yard Sale – which was being done at the local Elementary School.  I decided on a whim to call and see if they had any space left.  (our covenents prevent us from having an actual yard sale and so we need to go to ones that are scheduled nearby and sponsored by others).  So, at 2:00 pm I went on line and found the ad on the neighborhood newsletter and called.  Then, after I found out that it cost $20 and that they had a space, I was left trying to figure out what I had to sell and what I could arrange to bring by and set up in the morning. 

I cleaned out a few things that I had tried to sell on craigslist a few months ago and also some blocks that my kids don’t use any more.  Also a couple of things from my garage.  Then I went into one of my storage /attic areas and fourn 4 boxes of boys clothes (that my kids are too big for). 

So, not that big a haul but I was hoping to just make a few $ over the $20 I put into it and give us a way to get out of the house.  It was really busy and I was glad I did it.  The kids liked being out with everyone.  They each got to pick a toy and I ended up making about $45 (including $5 for the things the kids bought).  Overall, a good time for them and something that ended helping me clean up some of the stuff in my house and not have to actually “spend” any money. 

I have a trip to Goodwill this afternoon to get rid of the rest of the tiny boy clothes but am making progress in the decluttering.

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