What am I thankful for?


In my previous post, I talked about how to live life joyfully and with love.  Then I saw this post and thought it was very timely.  It is always a good thing to think about all of the things you are thankful for.

1) I am thankful for all of my 4 children and the gift that the people of Russia have given me as well as for the awesome responsibility it is.

2) I am thankful for my beautiful house and how nice it is when I get it clean!

3) I am thankful for the friends I have who support me – even when I am too proud to ask for it.

4) I am thankful for a job that I love and the trust that all of my patients and their family put in me and I hope that everyday I can deserve it.

5) I am thankful for the flowers that grow in the spring in Virginia, the bike rides through the neighborhood, and the laughing of children.

Read here about what other people are thankful for.  It will make your day.

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  1. Beautiful!


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