Making Your Home a Haven – Choose Love


This weeks challenge for Making Your Home a Haven is to “choose love”.  I have done pretty well with last weeks challenge of getting to bed on time – though still not doing great on my morning routine challenge.  Seems like ever since the onset of daylight savings time I am physically unable to get up earlier than 6:00 am! One good part of the am routine though is that I have been having less fighting about breakfast.  My baking days making waffles and donuts has really limited the fighting in the morning. 

So…there is a lot of talk these days about “choosing love” or “choosing joy” as a lot of people say.  The theory is that we can change our moods by consciously deciding to be the way we want to be. 

I’m pretty sure everyone has met someone who just seems to take it all in stride.  Sure their life has it’s challenges, but they never seem frustrated or upset when bad things happen.  I remember about 10 years ago I was working with a woman who had had one of the worst 6 months…her husband had been abusing her and she had finally made the hard decision to leave and divorce him.  Her mother was very sick and dying and she was 1000 miles away.  She was under so much stress and one day I asked her how she was coping.  That day, she said something that I have remembered ever since…”I think that life is about the trials and problems that you run into.  If you don’t have those, you couldn’t see the joy in your life as what it truly is! ”

So, not quite choosing joy but choosing to see the bad things as just the counterparts to the good things which allow you to see all the joy you do have!

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