Last 2 days…

of my 14 day stint of working in the hospital and I …CAN…NOT…WAIT.  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been that bad.  The patients have been interesting, the residents have been good, interested, and hard-working.  It’s just really stressful for me to have to get home on time and to try and do everything at home to keep it running.  I think it is the stress that makes it hard.  Like today, I had trouble getting a sitter for today and finally got one for 3 hours.  so, I ran in…heard about the patients…ran around the hospital to each of their rooms…and ran home.  then once i got there, I picked up Logan and got her to get in the car and ran her over to her birthday party.  then I stopped at the bank to pay the babysitter, ran home and as i walked in the door, Addison was waking up crying.  So, no rest for me cuz now she won’t sleep for the last hour of her nap …she is whining about everything and I’m just hoping she isn’t coming down with something.

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