Even better…


Made a second stab at donuts tonight (remembered the 2nd rise of the flour), made the oil a little less hot so they wouldn’t burn, and used a different glaze on them… I haven’t eaten any but they look so great…shiny from the pure sugar glaze…light brown…with a shiny glaze.  It is supposed to harden like Krispy Kreme too.

So, here is the Glaze Recipe

1 cup sugar

2 T butter

1/2 cup of evaporated milk

(heat on low until the sugar and the butter melt; put the donuts into the glaze and lay them out until the glaze dries)


will tell you what the verdict is tomorrow.

(Well, the verdict is in and the plain sugar glaze is better-well if I could say anything from the mmmm’s and licking fingers that went on in the feeding frenzy that was this morning)  It didn’t harden as much as I thought it should but was apparently good none-the-less. 

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2 replies

  1. I commend your willpower…
    I don’t know how you bake without eating the goodies yourself (although truth be told, I’m not really a donut fan so I guess that one would be easy).

    Yay for you! Almost done with the wards!! Do you have to go to work tomorrow or do you get a day to regroup???



  2. Yummy! Marcie loves donuts. Maybe one day I’ll try to make them.


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