Cranky Kids…

I picked up the kids around 4 PM and, since I promised, we stopped at Dollar Tree so they could pick one toy out – …then we wen thome and I put the dinner in the oven and we rode bikes to the park. 

Logan’s training wheels keep twisting (mostly because she doesn’t use her brakes to stop, she just falls!) and so she is like leaning half way over while riding it (leading to more falls)…so, about 1/2 way there she starts crying and gets off the bike and walks it up. 

We had about 10 minutes of peace and then…Logan took this shovel from Addison and when I took it back, she had a knock-down-drag-out fit — screaming and crying so we packed up…the screaming got louder and there was jumping up and down.  Finally, everyone got their helmets on and I took off down the street to Logan screaming the whole way home.

She spent the next 1/2 hour on the stairs crying to see if she could come down until dinner.   At dinner, Riley finished and was wanting to go to out to play with the 15 year old next door (who was out kicking a soccer ball) but he had to wait for the others to be done.  Meanwhile Addison started getting up and down from the table and finally I had to take her food away because she wouldn’t stay at the table. 

Well, that started her 1/2 hour of crying and jumping up and down which resulted in both girls going to bed after dinner. 

Can you tell they don’t like having me work all weekend?

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4 replies

  1. Sue, Sorry for the cranky end to the weekend. The crying fits always get to me.


  2. Yup…Logan is the Queen of crying fits and now Addison is starting to copy her. It is annoying to no end!


  3. There is one good thing about crying fits — when they go to bed right after dinner, Mom gets a peaceful night! I know it’s disappointing, though. When you work a lot and then get home, it’s really great to have fun with the kids but not so great when they act out. One more week of the 14 day stint?


  4. Yup one more week. I can’t wait.


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