Making do with what you have…


Okay, I am a spoiled mom.  In the past, if I wanted donuts…well, I live in Richmond VA – home of the Krispy Kreme Donut… I would go buy them. 

But…alas… I am trying to be more frugal and that means not buying donuts whenever I want them.  

Right now I am in the middle of a 14 day working stint.  I spent a lot of last weekend making and freezing dinners and breakfast foods for the next two weeks which has really worked out well.   Read about it here and here

But, last night as I was getting home, I felt bad for my kids who would have to go to daycare again for the next two days and not get a real weekend! 

My usual treat for them is to buy some Krispy Kreme Donuts for the weekend – and boy can they put them away! My oldest usually eats 4 and the younger ones 2-3 each.  I knew I wasn’t going to go buy them because it just isn’t in the budget so, I went looking for a recipe to make yeast donuts with glaze and made this recipe I found on COOKS.COM 

They came out GREAT!!  The kids were eating them all night and then I brought some in to daycare for them (and some of the donut holes) and I also brought some to work.  They were pretty easy to make and I had all of the ingredients so it didn’t cost me that much. 

I will be making these again!

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  1. wow!

    I continue to be impressed… How you have the same stressful job that I have and in the middle of 14 days you still manage to embrace your inner “Suzie Homemaker”. You do it all!

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. The hardest part was not eating any myself! I love to cook and – sometimes – it relaxes me! It certainly takes me away from some of my other vices (like watching TV) that I could be doing! And it is more productive! Now if I could get someone to clean up after me then I would be doing it all the time!!!


  3. Donuts, yum…… If you want an even quicker and cheaper way to make donuts try this. Buy a cheap package of plain biscuits and poke a hole in the middle (I use a thimble – that’s what my family does). Fry them up in oil and voila! Make a glaze out of milk and powdered sugar or dip in sugar & cinnamon while still hot. We had these growing up and I like to make them now and then for my kids.


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