Fessing up…

1) Okay…went to bed at 10:00; but got up at 5:40 am…hit the snooze 4 times…(all the kids were dressed though so that was smoother)  – 1/2 point!

2) Breakfast was ready and there was only a little grumbling about no donuts available!

3) didn’t have time to exercise (okay…slept too late to exercise) – 1 point

4) did spend a few seconds with each kids when I was waking them up

5) made lunches

So, 3.5 out of 5 of my routine were done.  It takes a while to make a routine right?!

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2 replies

  1. Hey, I think you did great!


  2. I have been having them sleep in clothes for years. Cuts down on PJ’s expense and helps me with the morning. Truth be told, I don’t wear pj’s either, usually a tshirt and shorts


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