Weekend Cooking and Baking Updates

Here are the plans for the weekend…I will update as I go through and finish things…

I have big plans for the weekend to stock the fridge and freezer for the long work session.  These are the things I plan on making…

1) Mini meatloafs  done Friday night…4 meals worth and now in the freezer

2) Chocholate chunk cookies done – Friday night…2 batches bagged up for snacks.gedc0189

3) homemade corn tortilla strips  completed Saturday am…2 bags for lunches the next week or so…

4) money saving moms whole wheat waffles had some left over Buckwheat pancake/waffle mix so used that…4 grams of fiber per serving so…a good choice for WWgedc0190

5) Banana pumpkin muffins  double batch in the oven from 12 – 12:40gedc0193



6) Whole wheat pita bread (I made some of these Wednesday night and they are YUM!)

7) Cheesy Ham and Potatoes   (and make an extra bag for the feezer) done and freezing in their ziplocks..

8) Non fat yogurt started in the crockpot for the 3.5 hour heat up…should be ready to add the started by 7:00 pm and ready to be left overnight to ferment.  finished the heat up and set to cool at 3:30 and added starter at 7:00 and got it blanketed for the nighttime fermentation.

9)  Waffles for the kids breakfasts (using up the mix)

10) Pumpkin Cheesecake coffee cake

11) Baked Stuffed Manicotti

Whew I am tired but have lots of things made for the week and (actually) the next week.

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4 replies

  1. Feel free to bring any leftovers to work… 😉


  2. Dear Sue: Did you provide photographic evidence of your culinary accomplishments because you thought we wouldn’t believe that you cooked SO much food and still planned other weekend activities? I am very impressed and demand that you provide your secret! Where did you get the energy and the time to do all that?


  3. Wow! I am really impressed!



  1. Making do with what you have… « 4 Kids + 1 Momma = Chaos

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