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WOW we need an infomercial for this thing!  Look,  the amazing Kleer Drain.  Using the power of a CO2 gun you can blast out the peskiest clog from any drain!                                                                                   kleer-drainI’ve had a problem with my toilet in the master bathroom for about a year now.  Ever since my sister Jean stayed here for a week one summer while I was away.  She cleaned my house but said that they had trouble with the toilet.  Now, I had had troubles with the other two (toys in them as the boys were potty training) but never the master.  Since that time I have had to plunge it frequently (TMI?) and even then, I was never comfortable  that it wouldn’t over flow.  Last week, I couldn’t even get toilet paper to go down.  So, even during the night I had to get up and use the hall bathroom.  I tried 2 kinds of Plungers…nothing…I was very frustrated so I went to the store on Friday and found this! – it is basically a CO2 gun which forces water (and whatever is causing the clog) through the toilet and out.  Today I had the time to try it!  Well, the first time, I must not have made a good seal because it didn’t really open the clog.  But the second time, there was this huge backsplash of water and SWOOOOSH!  the water rushed out of the drain.   For $19.99 at Wal-mart (listed for $26.99 on amazon.com) I used 2 cartridges and have 2 more for another time.  Better than the $250 it cost me when I had to have the plumber come and remove the toilet in the half-bath cuz there were several toys blocking the outflow at the bottom of the toilet which couldn’t be augered out and he had to take the toilet off, get the toys out and replace it. 

Even on bad days, I sometimes get a glimpse of days to come.  This afternoon we went to an early dinner with Wendy and Pat.  There was a lot of fussing and fighting and yelling.  But on the way home I stopped at a Park near our house.  The kids got out of the car and for 35 minutes ran around the playground playing with each other, engaging another 3 year old boy who showed up  in a game of tag and taking turns on this spinning toy.  Then we came home and while I was cleaning up the kitchen from the major baking day, they asked (one after another) if they could draw and ultimately all 4 were sitting around the kitchen table drawing pictures and sharing markers.  Addison kept asking for different marker colors and saying “thank you”…And after, Matthew (who was the last one at the table), said…this table is a mess – let’s clean it up – and …would you believe it…they did!!!

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  1. Don’t you just love those rare moments when the children are friendly to each other and helpful? 🙂


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