End of another week…

We have had a pretty busy week and I am looking forward to the weekend and some downtime. 

I took most of the day off today in preparation of another 14 days in a row of hospital work.  Got the kids up and fed and the boys onto the bus.  Then took the girls to daycare and came back home to drink coffee and eat breakfast.  I also had time to go through my coupons and plan my grocery trip. 

Right before I was getting up to leave, I got a message from Lydia that I needed to proof the abstract for the grant and it needed to be uploaded today…

Next I went to 7-Eleven and got slurpees for the boys and went to the school and ate lunch with them.  Riley was so excited to seem me.  I had told them that I was going to come but I think he had forgotten (or didn’t believe me)…This is the weirdest custom here in Richmond…parents come into the school and have lunch in the cafeteria with their kids…can’t even imagine asking my parents to do that…But, I have felt like bad mommy cuz I have never done it.  So, today was the day!  I definitely made points with the slurpees cuz all of the other 1st graders wanted one too!!! (When I picked Riley up from daycare, and we were getting into the car, I leaned down to hug him and he said…”thank you for bringing me a slurpee today mommy”)…

After lunch at 10:30 am with 2 first graders, I went grocery shopping.  I was able to use coupons and sales and spent $35 on the food for the week.  Truth be told, I have a lot of staples for us in the house and so I didn’t really need much. 

Then, after grocery shopping, I met my friend Suzanne for lunch.  We had a great time catching up and it felt good to be out with a friend. 

I got home in time to read and review the abstract and get that sent to Lydia and then ran to the daycare to pick up Addie for the visit with the social worker who is doing our post-placement reports.  Russia requires 4 post-placement reports one at 6 months, 1 year, 2 year and 3 years after adoption.  This is our second report.  The report is due in April but I wanted to make sure that we got it done early since my SW has another job and is doing this as a second job (and last time she took till the last minute). 

Finally we went back to the daycare to pick up the other kids and get home for leftover mac-and-cheese with hotdogs.  Meanwhile I made some mini meatloafs for dinners over the next few weeks.  (I had read about it on a couple of blogs and thought it was a great idea…you make the meatloaf in a muffin tin and then freeze them and take out only what you will eat in one dinner)

I also browned the rest of the ground beef for use in recipes over the next few weeks.  I am planning on making some enchilada’s and some spaghetti and meat sauce. 

Riley wanted to make cookies so we took out some of the double chocholate chunk cookie mixes I had gotten for free over the summer and made a double batch of them.  I have a cake mix that we will make over the weekend too so that we have sweets for the rest of the week. 

I have big plans for the weekend to stock the fridge and freezer for the long work session.  These are the things I plan on making…

1) Mini meatloafs 

2) Chocholate chunk cookies

3) homemade corn tortilla strips

4) money saving moms whole wheat waffles

5) Banana pumpkin muffins

6) Whole wheat pita bread (I made some of these Wednesday night and they are YUM!)

7) Cheesy Ham and Potatoes   (and make an extra bag for the feezer)

8) Non fat yogurt


Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be sunny and (relatively) warm.  We have no plans for Saturday but we have to go get a present for one of Logan’s friends who is having a party on Sunday. 

Sunday we have the party at Kangaroo Jacks so we will have dinner there (and cake).  We will do some cleaning and organizing over the next two days and I have (nearly) every article of clothing washed and waiting to be folded…my worst nightmare but at least I found the shirt that Matthew borrowed and got it sent back to school on Friday.

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