Papa’s Visit

was very nice.  All of the kids were on good behavior and he got a lot of love and kisses. 

Riley kept calling him Daddy and he kept reminding him he wasn’t his daddy but was my daddy…they also had a great game of “Sorry” and were doing some wrestling – so he made Riley’s day. 

Logan definitely was missing a Grandpa and she walked right up to him with a bunch of books for him to read to her.  She and Addison were both clamoring to be on his lap and really loved getting – whisker kisses – ! !

Addison thought he was the bees knees and was loving his attention.  She kept running up to him and then away from him saying that she didn’t want to be tickled!

Matthew was a little subdued but after dinner he was sitting next to him and writing in his book and was showing him how he could write his letters. 

…this morning they were so excited to see that he was still here and all behaved well for breakfast and got ready for school/daycare and we were excited to hear that he might be stopping by again on the way home from Atlanta.

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