On one of my sites that I read about saving money, someone posted a shout out to the website…this person was in Virginia (northern VA) and said that the last time she looked, none of the restaurants on the site were near her but that she had recently looked again and found several favorites.  So I looked on line and they had the restaurant that Wendy and Pat and the kids and I go to almost on a monthly basis!

This website allows you to search for restaurants within a certain radius of your zip code and then you can buy discouted coupons for meals at those restaurant.  Most have coupons for $10 or $25 and the price you pay for those coupons is $4 for the $10 coupons and $10 for the $25 off coupons.  Individual restaurants may have special requirements for using the coupons (for example, the one I bought requires a $50 bill with 18% gratuity added before you can use the $25 off but…with a family of 5, I almost never have less than a $50 bill!)  The $10 coupon requires a $20 bill (with gratuity) and you certainly could do that with even one person these days. 

But wait…there is a special going on…(the website I read said through today but I don’t know how long it will be running but it was running for me last night and this morning!)…if you use type the word MENU in the special discount section on the order sheet, they take…..80% off of your order. 

That’s right, a $10 gift certificate is $0.40 and a $25 gift certificate is $2!!!!

I have ordered $280 of coupons in the last 2 days for a grand total of $20.80…

Now that works for me!

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