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 We have been struggling the last few weeks.  Matthew seems to be going through a growth spurt ( a good thing) and eating a lot – especially at breakfast…but he wakes up and wants sweets and it is hard for me to get him to be calm enough to wait for anything (pre-medicine, you know).  He will eat cereal some times but throws such a fit, I’ve been trying to get him fed quickly to get his blood sugar up. 

Last week Kroger was running a sale on Pillsbury toaster struedel and I had a couple of coupons which made the boxes $1 each.  I bought the Boston Creme variety.  Well, yesterday I opened one of the boxes and put them in the toaster.  (maybe calling them donuts had something to do with it) but he proceded to eat 2 of them.  Okay…even at $1 a box for 6 of them, that is a lot of money for a breakfast for him!  And I certainly can’t afford them when they aren’t on sale!  Today, I opened the 2nd box because all of the kids wanted them and he ate 2 and the 1/2 eaten leftovers on Riley’s plate!

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  1. Mmmmm, toaster strudels… 😛


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