First a left hook…

…then a right jab!  That’s how I feel today.  seems like I can’t win for losing. 

Finally got Riley back to school yesterday (though he was a little punky in the morning, I couldn’t have another day like Monday where I brought him to work and he was NOT sick after his motrin in the morning)…

I am on service and was able to see all of the 8 patients I had to in the morning in clinic and then saw and wrote ID notes on 9 patients before I left.  By the time I got home at 9 after WW I was beat and I went right to bed…

…this morning the alarm didn’t go off.  Woke up to the flashing of the bus in my window.  looked at the clock and it was 6:45.  Hurried to get everyone up and dressed and…Logan has a fever–on the day she is supposed to have her dental surgery!!! Double Ugh!

…so, got all of the other kids to school/daycare, called to cancel her surgery and then brought her home.  She is feeling better now after some motrin but I have to take her into work this afternoon and don’t know what I am going to do with her tomorrow if she still has a fever.   Doesn’t have the cough or other symptoms Riley had so maybe it is just some random thing instead of what I think was the flu!

I got to practice my ducking a little better.

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  1. Boy, do I feel for you! Have I been there before!!! Too bad burying your head in bed won’t take it all away! I’ll be thinking of you and the kids. Debra


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