Feeling bad…

thermometer…okay a little…

Riley has had a sore throat and some laryngitis the past few days but hasn’t had a temp and hasn’t acted bad.  Today he woke up and said he didn’t feel good but he also brought up that I had told him if he was sick he could come to work with me (something he likes to do)…then I felt him and thought he might be a little hot but when we went downstairs he was 99.1 and so I told him he was going to school.  He was a little whiny about it but then said…okay but what if I go to the clinic and she calls you…okay I have experienced him going to the office / or clinic and telling them that I didn’t do something like give him a snack or send him with a coat on a 20 degree day…

…at this point, I told him that I had better not get a call that he had gone to the clinic unless he was really sick.  His response?…what if Mrs. Vaughan sends me to the clinic and Mrs. Corr takes my temp and it is high? so I said, if Mrs. Vaughan sends you to the clinic, you tell Mrs. Corr that I said I’m not picking you up unless you are more than 102…then I gave him a big slug of Motrin!

…so, the morning went pretty well and no phone calls and I even commented to Lydia that I hadn’t heard anything so he must have gotten the message…but, as I was leaving to drop my car off at the repair shop I got a call from the daycare that he had a temp of 102 +…

…he looked pretty punky when i picked him up but has in the past hour eaten a bowl of spaghetti, an orange, a box of Valentine hearts, 5 bags of fruit snacks and a bag of chips.  If this is how he acts when he is sick, I am going to have to start a garden and grow food!

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