It was tough…

…getting them off to school this morning.  They definitely weren’t ready to go back to the grind and (I assume) liked the good life of just staying at home and playing.  Schools were delayed for 2 hours so at least I got to sleep in a little bit – of course my sleep was very disrupted – But that is another story.  The temperature is supposed to get into the 60’s here so we should definitely have some melting going on. 

Work is a pain right now and I am very disappointed in my immediate bosses.  I really hate this economic depression we are in…I know, I know, I should be (and I really am) happy that I have my health and my kids and a job that keeps a house over our head.  I get that.  I do realize that I am way better off than alot of people and that a good portion of that has nothing to do with how hard I work or how smart I am or any of that crap.  I know I am extremely fortunate and even lucky to be where I am.  ‘kay, I’ll shut up. Just depressed.

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  1. Oh, so sorry….I understand, though!


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