Snow in Virginia…

…yup, just as I suspected…no snow clearing happened what-so-ever today.  The kids and I were stuck here and now I have 3 really revvved up and not enough outside time kids.  I don’t think I will survive another day.  School has already been cancelled…daycare hasn’t updated their website so I don’t know what their plans are…

Some highlights…

…Addison has changed her clothes no fewer than 6 times today.  (is so distracted she forgets to go to the potty)

…Logan is jumping up and down and has been in time out in her room no fewer than 4 times since 4PM.  She keeps fooling with Riley and then crying like she is dying when she gets hurt!

…Matthew has actually (hard to believe) been okay.  Made a mess in Logan and Addison’s room but was actually entertaining Addie for a while and rapidly helped to clean it up.

…Riley is alternating annoying the girls, wrestling with Matthew or coming up and grabbing me to give me a big hug…while knocking my back out of alignment.  A few minutes ago he knocked the remote control out of my hand so he could try and turn Dora the Explorer off and turn on

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