Snow Day…

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….or will it be Snow Week????

Yup, went to bed with 4 inches on the ground and school closed for the next day by 8:30 pm. This is NOT the Northeast!

Dawn this morning shows about 6 inches on the ground and nary a snow plow in sight. Course I can’t see the main road of the development but the side roads are definitely not done. My hospital had very high hopes and initially said that clinics would open at 10 am…but, around 8 am closed everything.

I am pretty sure that it will be days before my side road is plowed. The only thing that will help us is that it is, well…March…in Virginia…so hopefully it will be 60 degrees tomorrow and all of this will melt.

My kids, the wimps…went out in the snow for all of 5 minutes before they came in and requested hot chocolate. I was happy to oblige… THERE is a memory that I am happy to make!

Addison keeps coming up to me and saying “I’m drinking my coffee, mom!”
Now that sounds like a great idea!

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