Funny things they say…

i-like-big-buttsSo, I’ve been going to Weight Watchers the last 9 months or so and the boys have recently been noticing me losing weight and wondering about me going out on Tuesday nights.  So…a few weeks back, I told them that I was trying to lose weight so I could be as skinny as Riley.   Well, neither of them really understand the word “skinny” and think it is like – skin…I think they visualize something with skin all over it! 

Anyway…This evening when I got home, Riley asked how I did and I told him I lost 2.5 pounds and he said…boy mom, you are going to be skinny like Matthew and I said…no way will I ever be as skinny as Matthew and then as I was taking them upstairs, I was changing into PJ’s and Riley says something about me being skinny and Matthew says…no your not skinny, you have a big butt! 


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  1. You gotta appreciate their honesty! 🙂


  2. Yes, kids say the darndest things!
    I saw you briefly in morning report yesterday and you look great! Liked your hair, too!
    Keep it up!


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