Don’t you hate

…when you know you are being ripped off cuz you are a girl and can’t do anything about it?  Yesterday I brought the Saturn to the dealer to get an oil change and my state inspection.  Now, this is a 4 year old car with 37K miles on it.  After waiting for over an hour …the agent comes up to me and proceeds to tell me that I need over $800 worth of work on it (wheel bearings, something with the brakes) in order to get the inspection done…pluss they want to rotate the tires and something else (another $200)…

Since I know nothing about cars, I have no way to contradict these “recommendations” (actually requirements cuz they won’t let me get my state inspection without them) so I am stuck agreeing to it…. UGH!!!!  And, this isn’t the first time this Saturn dealership has done this to me…

So, I paid the money and will NEVER bring it back there.  So, question for all of my friends around here?  Anyone know an honest repair shop in Richmond?  Preferably on the west end?

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  1. That’s awful! If you had a lot of free time, you could take the rejection sticker and go somewhere else but who has free time to hunt for an honest repair shop and then leave the car?!!!


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