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So… an interesting discussion has been going on on one of the email lists I am a member of.  It revolves around single women who have adopted children and how they find (or don’t find) time to date or otherwise keep up their own personal life.  One woman with 2 children under the age of 4 wrote in asking if there was any relief in sight as the kids got older…

There have been lots of responses.  Some have been what you might expect…along the lines of…well, if I didn’t find a mate before adopting children, I didn’t expect to find one when there were children in the mix.  Some have been uplifting (or at least hopeful) …along the lines of people who suddenly, in spite of the odds, did find someone and were getting married/dating/moving in together – whatever. 

And then this morning, there was one that was truly inspiring to me.  She wrote a very brief note, and yes…she is one of the people who have beaten the odds but her last paragraph really touched me.  Here is what she said.

And no, it doesn’t get easier. Mine are 8, 10 and 12. As they develop their
own lives, yours becomes more chaotic. Remember, life is not a circle. You are
never going to “get back to normal.” Your life is here and now. Make sure that you live it, don’t merely survive it.

So, this is my new goal.  I know how it feels to just be surviving your life (see my posts from this weekend! LOL)…I’m going to try and live each day!

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  1. Boy, can I ever relate! One of our former pastors said that when you have a baby, you enter the “20 year tunnel.” So, true! You can have a great time in that tunnel but you can’t come out until they are on their own, and sometimes not even then. So, deep breath…and on for more fun!


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