Things I have missed…

contact-lensesSo, about 10 years ago I had LASIK surgery on my eyes and had a miraculous transformation.  Went from wearing the most uncomfortable hard gas permeable contact lenses to not requiring any assistance what-so-ever.  I had to wear the hard lenses cuz my astigmatism was so bad.  I had tried the “new at the time” toric lenses out for astigmatism but they didn’t work very well and my vision was horrible with them. 

After the first year check up post LASIK, I haven’t had any optometry appts but, age has caught up with me and despite my height, my arms are not long enough anymore.  So, apparently in 10 years they have come pretty far in contact lenses.

My exam went pretty much as I expected in the beginning.  My right eye continues to be corrected for Far Vision to 20/15 but my left eye only corrects to 20/40 and has some astigmatism which also affects the clarity with that eye.  And, I need reading glasses. 

But, the optometrist and optician were really cool and suggested a (as in 1) lens for my right eye…with a -0.75 for when I am outside and doing things like tennis where I need good far vision…OR one with a +0.75 for when I am doing a lot of reading to give me monocular reading vision. 

AND…they gave me 20 daily wear contacts to try in each strength. 

Oh yeah, and the price of contacts have gone WAY down.  Ends up being 50 Cent a piece for the Dailies (which get thrown away each day)…from the optometrists office so probably could be cheaper on-line.

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