Last day of the weekend…

clippersI got up later than usual but the kids were playing well with each other.  Riley helped Logan and Addison get dressed from their PJ’s and then when I woke up they were ready for breakfast.  Matthew slept till 9:00 am and has been pretty controlled all morning playing disney channel on his computer. 

I have been meaning to give everyone a haircut and today was the day! our weekends have been so busy…

So, started with the girls…Addison hasn’t really had an official haircut since she got here so, considering, he did well.   I didn’t want to, but her hair is growing so slowly and I am so sick of her hair being in her face…I cut her real BANGS.  They actually look cute.  I’m hoping trimming off the straggly ends will coax it to grow faster. 

Logan is pretty good at sitting still and I love the way her hair comes out when I cut it into a bob! 

Matthew loves having his hair cut.  He loves the tickling of the buzzers but is afraid to have me do it on the top, so loves having the top wet with a comb and cut with scissors.  I am getting really good at cutting it in and all the same length.  He likes it a little longer on the top so he can make it into a “mohawk” (well not really but spikey on top…he likes to call it a mohawk)!

Riley is very afraid of the clippers.  (I accidentally cut his ear last time and he mentions it everytime I bring it up doing his hair)…today he was cute and drew me a picture of how short he wanted it.  p1020647



He has been asking me to make it short like a friend at school, but he has thin hair and everytime I make it short, you can see his scalp through it…but…since he was insisting…I used a #2 guard (instead of the 3 and 4 I used on Matthew) and then I cut the top to the length of 0.5 inches.  It came out so cute and he even wanted me to put gel in it to make it a little spiky.





Of course, he wouldn’t pose correctly – or cooperate for a picture!  We definitely can’t wait for the end of the weekend.  Don’t know who is longing for it more…me or the kids.

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  1. I didn’t know you could cut kids’ hair! Wish I could do that! 🙂


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