Don’t know if I blogged about the computer issue in my house.  2 Christmases ago we got small desktop computers for the two boys to use to do Disney Channel on-line.  They loved it but were definitely too young for the USB wireless internet hubs I had bought to allow them to connect.  Unfortunately, they soon broke them and sat in our living room for a few months collecting dust.

When the au pair came, we moved one of them up to the spare room and bought a sturdier USB connector and that was working but because I don’t like Matthew to be upstairs by himself, before Christmas we bought a wireless antenna that is installed into the hardware.  Unfortunately, when I plugged the computer in, it wouldn’t power up.  (Insert much wailing and gnashing of teeth here!)


So, off to Best Buy to get the “Geek Squad”  (heretofore referred to as the “Weak Squad” ) to fix it.  Well, they had it for 2 days and $70 and called to say it was either the power supply or the motherboard but that it wasn’t worth the $200 it would cost to replace either of those.  So, I picked it up and despaired of how I would buy a new computer before the end of the year.

But then it occured to me that Wendy’s father is a little of a computer geek himself and asked him to see if he could find out what it was…he had it literally < 24 hours and had it fixed!  Turns out that the USB slot that the kids had played with so much was pushed into the machine and was shorting out the motherboard.  He pulled the USB port and Voila!  Take that Weak Squad !

So, it’s been 2 weeks since we got it back ad we sat down to put it together today.  Everything works and I have 2 boys playing aircraft flight simulator and some quiet on the homefront.

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