I took the day off today to catch up on my house. We did a pretty good clean (with the exception of my room/bathroom) the Saturday before Logan’s birthday party. But then I went on service and…well, let’s just say that getting the laundry in the machine (most of it) was all I could do (besides cooking and getting the kids to school and picking them up from daycare)!

Started out at 9 AM cleaning the kids bathroom. It was a mess!…and can I tell you that I hate boys – especially boys who don’t hit the toilet water when they are peeing? …oh yeah and who don’t empty the tub water when they take a bath with the babysitter? and who smear toothpaste all over the sink and counter top. Okay that took a while.

Next I went to my room. Now, my room is a MESS. I haven’t cleaned it since before Thanksgiving so (believe me I will spare you pictures)…I started with going through my closet and my bureau drawers and taking out all of the (now) too big (YEAH!) clothes that I had accumulated over the last 2 years since I last was successful with weight watchers. There ended up being one GIANT – overfilled – stuffed to the gills garbage bag for me to bring to Good Will. It feels good to get rid of it. My closet was in complete disarray…really since this summer and all of the painting. The contractor had just moved everything into my closet and knocked everything onto the floor. You’ll be happy to hear that I now can walk into the closet and actually pick out clothes.

Next I moved to all of the kids “junk” that has come into my room and removed all of my sheets, rotated my mattress and put new sheets on and washed and replaced my comforter. I then turned to my bathroom. Can I tell you how much I hate boys – especially boys who don’t hit the toilet water when they are peeing? Okay…I’ll spare you the details a second time! Also, we usually use my tub for baths and there was dried soap scum all over the floor and tub surround. I threw out two garbage bags full of dirty ripped kids clothes, random papers and dried out markers.

Meanwhile I came across a recipe for English Muffins and made 20 whole wheat English muffins.

Finally, I put a LOT and I mean a LOT of laundry on and started folding. It’s 4:27 and I think I will have all but one load folded by the time I have to leave to go pick up the kids. And that is mainly my clothes, so I plan on having that done by the end of the day. I think I might have a clean room by the time I go to bed tonight.

We have a 3 day weekend because the school is off for President’s Day and the daycare is taking it as a Teacher Education Day. We will do some cleaning each of the days to bring the house back into control. Saturday, we will go to a VCU Women’s Basketball game.

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