Shopping Trip

After spending way more than I wanted on all of the supplies on Logan’s b’day party this weekend, I had a great shopping trip at Kroger’s today.

Many of you know that I am a closet couponer and frugal wannabe. Anyway, I read about a couple pretty good deals at Kroger and so decided to go and finish up my stocking for the next two weeks since I will be working 14 days in a row and won’t be able to go shopping. I had bought fruit and milk and some other staples over the past few days but needed some cheese for pizza and some lunch meat for the boys.
Kroger is having their annual super sale…for selected items (and you can mix and match) if you buy 10 you get $5 off. so, here is what we got.
  • 10 -Kraft 2% shredded cheese packages – on sale for $1.99 (- $0.50 each) and “surprise” there was a coupon machine right by them for $0.75 off each bag – so I got each bag for $0.74
  • 3 lunch meat for $2.99 (-$0.50 each)
  • 5 Armor Meatballs for $2.99 (-0.50 each)
  • 6 Tostino Pizza Rolls for $2.99 (-0.50 each) with a surprise coupon machine for $1.00 off 2
  • 6 Steamer vegetables for $1.99 (-0.50 each) with 2 $1.00 off one coupons and 2 $0.50 off of 2 coupons which were then doubled.

So, I spent $40.41 and based on sales prices and the deals, I saved $54.11.

I am excited about it! Now I hope my freezer doesn’t die!!

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  1. Awesome deals!! Oh, and I was looking for some stuff for Tima, Amelia and Maritza at surplus. To no avail. :-/


  2. wow. I’m speechless.:)


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