The lazy blogger…

Okay, okay…I definitely have been lax about blogging but, I can say that I have had one of the best holiday 2 weeks of my life and there really hasn’t been time. I plan on blogging about the time over the next several days but here’s a preview…
…12/24/08 – all of the kids woke up and we went out shopping for brother and sister gifts (at Dollar Tree)…then went home to finish up and get ready for Christmas.
12/25/08…had a wonderful Christmas complete with happy children and mom and not too much clean up…a great dinner and just enough time to relax and go to sleep.
12/26/08…did some errands and got ready to pack for the Disney trip…it started raining…pulled the trailer and back end of the truck into garage to pack but it started pouring so went out to dinner and then packed…waited for Wendy who had misplaced her license…she found it and we packed while she went home to find it…left at 9 pm…
12/27/08…arrived in Orlando FL around 10 am (after 2-3 stops and breakfast)…went to Walmart for some food supplies and then back to the hotel/condo to check in…they weren’t ready so we ate lunch and then went swimming and got to check in around 2PM…everyone went to bed around 6pm…
12/28/08…first real day…went to Animal Kingdom…had a great time
12/29/08…went to Magic Kingdom…my back started hurting on the drive in (did absolutely nothing to it!)…left mid day to pick up Denise, Elena and Nina at the airport. Made it back for a few hours at Magic Kingdom…back spasming (is that a word?)…borrowed some medicine from Wendy’s friend Tracy…it didn’t work. Slept with an ice pack on my back…
12/30/08…woke up barely able to walk…we decided to make this our day to stay around the condo…Denise and girls went to Animal Kingdom, I stayed with 6 kids at condo complex while Wendy and Tracy went shopping at Downtown Disney…back was “somewhat better in water”…made lunch after 2 hours of swimming…all kids did quiet time (mom napped) for 2 hours and went back to pool – went to bed around 11 pm after picking up some muscle relaxers at Walgreens
12/31/08…Back to Magic Kingdom…back was better – if I didn’t move – or sit – stayed till around 3 pm but the kids were wiped and we left for a nap…Parks were “Closed” to new entrants so we couldn’t go back (not that my back would have taken it)…Wendy and Tracy did get into Epcot for the festivities. I heard them from my bed at the condo!
1/1/09…Hollywood Studios…excellent day…pain was manageable with meds and no fast movements…driving was hard
1/2/09…Epcot…good day but we were all tired and all of the walking didn’t really help my back…
1/3/09…swimming in the morning…left Orlando around 2 pm; ended up hitting traffic in Georgia so stopped at 1:00 am in NC and slept
1/4/09…home at 11:30 am with 4 kids who are tired, cranky and restless…can’t wait for bed time.

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  1. Sorry that your back was bothering you so much, but glad everyone had a good time.


  2. whew!! tired just readin it! sorry bout your back, but so glad you had a nice holiday!


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