Last minute details…

I decided to take today off to complete some last minute details for Christmas.

It all started out well enough…drop kids off at daycare…stop at WaWa and pick up a free coffee (with a coupon that was due to expire on 12/31/08)…drive to Dominion Chevrolet to drop off Tahoe to get speedometer repaired and the 2nd seat seat belt latches replaced since they have been broken for a couple of months…

…here is where the trouble started…waited over an hour for the courtesy van to get back from its first run to drive me home…called Pediatrician and begged to get Matt’s meds refilled even though I didn’t give 2 day notice…went upstairs and went through all of the presents I’ve bought …answer cell phone…it’s Dominion Chevrolet – did I forget my pocketbook in the courtesy van?…curse!…they will drop it off on the way back from their next drop off…wrapped all of the presents…determined what I still needed to buy and made a list of places I needed to go to…walked outside to the minivan to do some errands…it was out of gas!…curse!…curse again…answer cell…Tahoe is done…Good! can they send the van to pick me up?…40 minutes later get back to Dominion and pick up Tahoe and head to CVS…buy a few things…go out to lunch with Debra…get call from Ped office – Rxs are written and I can pick up…head out after lunch to Ped office and pick up Rx’s…head back down Broad St and stop at CVS along way cuz I didn’t get all I needed…

…get into a fender bender in parking lot leaving…curse!…curse again!!…talk to insurance agency to report it…they want me to bring it tomorrow to be repaired…need it for trip to Disney…promise me they will give me a comparable car to rent (first $600 is on the insurance company)…head to Walmart…buy last minute gifts and 2 gallons of milk…talk to insurance investigator…he also assures me I will get a comparable car (but will it fit the trailer?!!)…

…go to Walgreen’s and drop off prescription…go home and read email and order pizza for dinner…go back to Walgreens and pick up prescriptions…pick up Pizza…pick up kids at daycare…eat pizza in Family room in front of television.

I’m tired…anyone else?

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  1. I’m so sorry about your car woes. Hope everything turns out okay. Boy, there is never a dull moment in your life!


  2. Yikes, what a day! If it were anyone else’s story, I’d never believe they crammed so much into one day, but i know better with you!

    Sorry about the fender bender.. I think they must be pretty common around this time of year because I have noticed tons of cop cars just sitting and waiting near the shopping centers on my side of town…

    Hope things are smooth from here! Tell Santa to send down those elves to get the truck ready to go to Disney! 🙂


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