Lazy Saturday…

I was hoping to have one of these and so far it is…the kids woke up pretty early but I was able to stay in bed until around 7. After showering (with Addison screaming outside the door totally pissed bc I wouldn’t let her in)…we got dressed and ate breakfast. After a little cleaning and re-cleaning up the toys, we all got in the car and went to River City for gymnastics and dance class. I was running on empty and so I filled up the car for $42 …over 23 gallons at $1.789!!!! (have to say I am loving these low gas prices and really dreading when they go back up).
There was actually very little fighting and bickering at River City (Addison got a little feisty at the end of the two hours) and we came home and I made lunch and then set up Nastia’s computer in her room.
She had been using mine, but wants to be able to instant message at 4 am cuz that is the time her parents are up…because of the time zone. I decided to give her one of the two that I had bought for the boys. But, I haven’t had the $ to buy a replacement wireless receiver (since the boys had broken both of theirs)…so last week while we were looking for her camera, I picked one up (which was only $39.99 – compared to the $60 ea I had spent on the other two)…any how, it is up and working so hopefully that will help with her happiness and with me keeping people out of my room.
Now, the girls are in bed, the boys are watching disney channel and I am about to take a little nap. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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