Making your home a haven…

I am going to try and participate in this Challenge from Monica at The Homespun Heart called Making your home a haven…and while many of the posters are women who are SAH or homeschooling, I think that the premise of trying to make your house a welcoming and peaceful and family oriented place are right up my alley right now. I definitely could use some of the calming influence of a haven – and I’m thinking if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.

So, the themes for the week are going to be…Tidy, Clean, Cared For, Fun, and finally Inviting & Giving. As I understand it is, the plan for the day should be to get up and spend some quality time with yourself reading and contemplating. Then, you plan the day (because planning is part of the development of a haven) and then, you complete your plans for the day…incorporating part of the theme and post pictures of your completed projects – or before and after shots.

This should be interesting….

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