Making your home a haven – Tidy (Day 1)

Today is the start of the Making your home a haven challenge. The theme is tidy (Whaaaa, you laugh) but I do have something to contribute here…
1) First, I spent about 15 minutes this morning as I was getting ready where I allowed the kids to watch television while lying in my bed and it gave me a few minutes to think and welcome the day. Once I got my coffee made, I sat at the computer and looked for quotes that I might be able to use to reflect on today. It might be too much of a chance for bringing lightning bolts so I won’t be using a bible quote…

Instead, I give you this:
“You were made perfectly to be loved – and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long.” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

This is how I want to be with my kids, free to give unconditional love – love that is -free from expectations and judgements. I hope that I can try and achieve this for 15 minutes…no 30 minutes…no an hour or two or three. If I can do that, then I can string a day and then two together…

2) My plans for the day were …
…go to work…we are interviewing for residency applicants today and I have two meetings and a mid-year evaluation to do this afternoon. I hope to be done by about 4 and then hope to do a little shopping on the way home…
…dinner is pizza (homemade pizza dough is in the fridge ready to go) and cling peaches and going to make a couple of calzones so that I can send those in for school lunches later in the week…
…after dinner it will be a little quiet play time with the kids and starting homework with the older boys…
…finally, to get to the “tidy” theme, my goal is to complete the painting of several of the cabinet doors and get them ready to be hung up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will try and get pictures posted of the days chores.

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2 replies

  1. Nice. Glad to see another working Mom trying to participate.


  2. Thanks for joining our challenge! I hope you’ll be encouraged and blessed for your efforts in creating a Haven in your home!



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