…Weekend from (double hockey sticks)

…where did I leave off?…oh yeah, Saturday afternoon going home to dinner…Riley lasted about 1 hour and then started mouthing off and everytime I stopped him he would swing at me. Culminated in him hitting my hand (as I was blocking it) and twisting my pinky finger back…you can imagine that didn’t go over too well and he was sent to bed! After much balleyhooing he fell asleep in his bed.
…This morning he woke at 6:00 and came into my bed and kissed me and said that he was sorry about last night. Afterward, he was downstairs watching television when I got up. He had gotten Logan breakfast (donuts) and as I got out of the shower, Matthew and Addison were sitting at the table eating donuts too. Meanwhile, I made some high fiber, whole wheat pancakes and later all of the kids came to the table to try those too!…
…then I started working…I had primed 4 of the cabinet doors yesterday and so I painted them a first coat and started trying to hang the 4 that were done. There was much cursing and I got the island doors on. Then…I went to get the ladder cuz the next two were over the fridge…unfortunately, there is a large soffit next to this one and it was a complete BEAR to hang. let me just say that it was a good thing the kids were outside cuz they would have learned some new words…
…Finally, I got that one and the other two hung and the new hardware holes drilled and the new hardware screwed on…I am very happy how they are coming out but I (as I said earlier) don’t have a lot of the enthusiasm for it right now. I am going to try and finish the next 4 (painting) tomorrow night and maybe take part of Thursday off to do it this week.
…after naps, I told the kids that I would take them to a McD’s play place. Riley was just a BEAR and was talking back and being a pill. We were there for 10 minutes and had to leave cuz I just couldn’t stand him anymore. We got home and everyone took a bath and we had about 15 minutes of peace but then he started in again…making fun of everyone…saying he could do what he wanted…I was putting dinner on the table and he said one more thing and I chased him to his room. He knew he was in trouble this time and didn’t say a word…when I checked about 10 minutes later, he was sound asleep!
…it’s amazing how quiet it is now, with him asleep, the kids are all building a train track and cooperating and the television is off and …well, peaceful. Riley is going to have a tough time growing up if tonight was any indication.

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