Long weekend…

It has been a long weekend. I’m hoping it gets a little better but at least for now, I am more than 2/3rd’s through it…(is that an actual word?)…yesterday we all got up early and I needed to take them with me to Lowes and Walmart. I purposefully left before the au pair woke up because I just needed some time away…
…We made it to Lowes – I had to get extra keys made (after the being locked out two times debacle last week) and I needed some paint tray liners so I could finish working on the cabinet painting!…I know, I know…I haven’t done anything with it for over 2 months…I have been ambivalent-this is what happens to me. I do about 3/4 of a project, get totally excited about it and then …get interrupted and I can’t get the enthusiasm for it back and so it sits for months until I am pushed and then I resentedly do it. So, I have about 1/2 of the cabinet doors painted and need to paint the other half and need to re-hang them…I had about 4 doors done that have been sitting on the floor waiting for me to re-hang them too…The behavior in Lowes was well…unbelievable. Matthew had to touch everything that was within his reach and Addison was running around and touching and when I said “no touch” she would look me in the eye and say…”yes”. And then Logan was walking away and I would turn around and she was down two other rows. So, we made it back to the car and I read them the riot act…also decided that they would all sit in a basket in Walmart. I needed to get Logan a leotard for her dance class cuz she lost her other two. I can’t find them anywhere and it was totally annoying for me that I have been having her wear a bathing suit the last two weeks…but I still can’t find it so…and I also needed diapers. We made it there pretty well and then got to River City (where their dance and gymnastics classes are)…
…things went downhill fast. Riley was an absolute bear during Logan’s class…ultimately had me dragging him out of the building by his hair and screaming at him outside…Then Addison got bored during the boys class and she just kept screaming and having melt down temper tantrums…and since I was already mother-of-the-year with Riley, I really had no patience for her…
…the afternoon was taken up with naps and picking up all of the broken toys in the back yard. When the girls woke up, we took Nastia to the store because she needed to buy a new camera and well…it is not the type of shopping the kids were into…first store, I finally put all of them into the basket…Then they didn’t have the one the guy talked us into…we finally went to the store down the street and bought it (same price)…then we went to dollar tree and I let them all pick out a toy and by the time we were done, it was dark and we went home to eat dinner.
…okay, i am too tired to continue …maybe I’ll post a little later…

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