The eve of a major political event…

…so it is the night before election day and I am definitely NOT sitting in front of the TV trying to get some last minute information about the two candidates. In fact my two boys are playing/alternately with a Superman plug-n-play game and being so good I almost don’t want to disturb it even though it is past their bedtime and …what the heck, there is no school tomorrow…

Speaking of tomorrow, Riley came home last week and told me that “Obama is for the environment”…Without revealing my political leanings, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but over the next several days he came home and told me things like “John McCain doesn’t give money to the environment” and “Barack Obama gives money to the environment” and “who are you voting for mommy because you need to vote for Barack Obama because he is for the environment”

It was cute except in the very inappropriate way that I have no idea who was feeding him this stuff!!! and how NOT black and white these issues are. I was able to reassure him that neither candidate really were taking money from the environment and …rest assured, my 6 year old will be happy with my choice of candidates…even if it isn’t for exactly the reasons he envisions!

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  1. Too funny! You definitely gotta wonder where this info is coming from if he’s talking about it over multiple days! Ha! Go Riley!


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