One more day…

Well, the ICAAC/IDSA conference is over and …overall, I’d say that it was a good conference and I am glad that I went. Today I ran into 3 different people that I have been looking for the last 3-4 days. Usually the last day of the meeting is not that great but I went to a fascinating session this morning on emerging viruses. And I got to see a few people I haven’t seen in several years and catch up with them both on a professional and personal level.

…I had lunch today with Anne Marie (hey Anne Marie) who adopted her daughter from the same orphanage as Addison (she brought her daughter home 2 months before I brought Addi home). Anyway, it was a nice lunch and I enjoyed hearing about the amazing gains her daughter has made.

…I got lost trying to head north to Baltimore after the meeting, but ultimately was able to backtrack to the 495/395/95 interchange and head back up north. Arrived in Baltimore a little while ago and well…aside from the directions which had me going right on a one-way street (the wrong way)…I was able to get here. It is unbelievably windy out today and I don’t know that I will go out walking much today but the meeting here doesn’t start till 10 am tomorrow so maybe then…I need to find something for Riley!

…Looking forward to seeing my kids tomorrow. Hoping the meeting ends a little early tomorrow.

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