Well, the weekend is over and that means roughly 1/3 of my away time is over. I’m anxiously awaiting the bus coming to pick the boys up (have already called to remind the babysitter and au pair about Matthew’s medicine) and the girls going off to daycare so I will have a “relaxing” 6 or 7 hours of not worrying! I guess if they are in their routine then they should be good!

In the nothing good is ever free category, we had dinner last night at this really funky restaurant called PS7. The last year or so, the Virginia Infectious Diseases Society hasn’t met and so it was decided to have a reception at IDSA to try and poll people about what they wanted out of / from the local society. Well, we got an offer from a company that works with one of the pharmaceutical companies and does wine tasting to host it so we said sure. It turned out to be only a small group of people and the pharm company had hired a pharmacist to give a “brief” talk (we were told 15 minutes).

dunno, this guy thought he was the master of ceremonies or something. His presentation was a case that he (a pharmacist – even a pharm D) shouldn’t be trying to lead ID “DOCS” through!!! It was awkward, it was painful, and (well except for the snide comments from Bill K, Greg C, and Steve D who were sitting near me) a not very well thought out plan. Turned a very pleasant night into a long, awkward, painful affair – did I say that already?

Had a chance to talk to all of the kids last night …Logan started crying when I said I would be home in 2 days…Addison said “I LUB BOOOO”…Mattew said “Hi Mom” and Riley said…”Hey mom, um can I ask you something?…what are you going to be bringing me back? …okay, bye love you!” The babysitter who is helping the au pair at night told me that they had a great day and that they were all happy and dirty! Guess that is all I can ask for – but, can you tell, I miss them?!

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  1. OMG, he did a whole presentation? I was told less than 10 minutes. Ugh. Hope the food was good, at least. 😦


  2. What is this about leaving….when I’m with my kids I want a break and then when I’m away, I miss them! Sounds like you might feel the same way, too! I go to DC next Wed. night but just for 1 night. Coming home on Thursday! Happy time away! Debra


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