For those of you who know my son Matthew, you know how far he has come in his time with me. We have been struggling with school and I have had some issues with his teacher (who is currently on extended leave until November). This morning I found 10 “spelling” words in a baggie in his folder. The note said to review them because he would have a test today! Ugh. now I have to say that I am not even sure at this time that Matthew understands what a word is! He has really exploded over the summer with writing letters but it usually is a page of random letters in no order (and certainly not on the lines!).

So, with a heavy heart this morning I pull out the cards and ask him to do them with me. (Now, he already is starting off badly because he had completed 2 homework papers and thought he would get to play a little DS before the bus).

I pull out the first card and show it to him and he gets it right! Now picture me going through the cards faster and faster and trying to make sure they are right side up and him getting all of the words correctly and now picture me starting to cry and carrying him all over the kitchen. Yep, he has come so far.

I know he will always struggle. But it’s amazing how small successes can be so big! And I can only hope that poor Riley who tried to throw in a “but those are easy words” while Matthew and I were dancing will someday get that sometimes, these things we take for granted, are really important!

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  1. omg..that is SO GREAT!! you go matthew! always full of surprises for mommy!


  2. Sue,
    That is great. I have always thought that Matthew was a smart boy! I am very proud of him, too. Give him a high five from us!


  3. Hooray! Way to go Matthew!


  4. I’m so excited for him! Believe me, I understand your joy at that amount of progress. Charlie hasn’t fared so well thus far this year, and I know you will understand my sadness about that. We do have such special boys, don’t we? Debra


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