Rain,rain, go AWAY!

Well, the old joke goes, as soon as the State Fair of Virginia begins, the rains will come. It certainly has been the case this year. Fair started Thursday…rain started thursday…rained (hard) Friday…rained (off and on) Saturday…and today when it was supposed to be nice…rained again. Even though my house is large, it is NOT large enough for 4 kids and a grumpy mom.

Today we went out a couple times because we have nothing (relatively) in the house to eat and since my kids have started to drink 2 Gallons of milk a week, we had none of that so it was dire circumstances.

First we went to Costco. I neede to get some milk ($3.30 a gallon v $4.25 a gallon at Walmart). I needed some snacks for lunches for school and since Matthew won’t eat very much, I need to get the good stuff. We made it about 1/2 way through the trip before Logan and Matthew started chasing each other up and down the aisles. We finally finished and checked out and it was lunchtime so I bought a hot dog for Addison and Riley and a piece of pizza for Matthew and Addison. Matthew was too revved up to eat and Logan kept getting up so it was time to leave and get naps.

I finally unpacked everything by 2 and the girls were asleep so I had some time to fold 4 loads of laundry and sort some of the summer clothes into tupperware to go away till next year.

After naps we went to Walmart…okay, not smart but I needed some weird things (like a bicycle inner tube for Matthew’s bike) and so decided to combine it into one trip. What a MISTAKE…the two who were running earlier …started again. I was so mad. Plus, Addison was scratching me because apparently I’m not allowed to hold onto “my basket” while I am pushing it!!! Geez. We finally left without 1/4 of the things I need for this month but I just will hope to do it when the au pair is here and I can leave the majority of them home.

Dinner is cooking and Logan is upstairs playing with her stuffed animals. A little while ago she brought down this monkey named “Emily” and told me she was sick and could I watch her while she (Logan) went to work…because she (Logan) was her mommy. So when I asked what I was, she said…her “grandma” …OF COURSE!

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  1. Boy I can sure empathize! Glad you made it through!


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