Is that really what I was meant to do?

I don’t remember going through the “princess” stage as a kid, but Logan definitely has it bad! This morning she was just chattering away during the drive to daycare…it is becoming one of my favorite times because she is just so much more willing to share what she is thinking than the boys.

…so, today it went something like this….
“When I get big I am going to live in a castle.”
“I will be a princess and live in a big castle”
mmm…who else will be in this castle…can Addison come?
“Yes, she can be a princess too”
“And Taylor (her best girlfriend) is going to have big muscles and she will fight and kill the monsters”…”Taylor and Max will have big muscles and fight”
(smiling now…)mmm… what about me, will I be living in the castle?
“Yes, mommy you can be a princess too…no, you will be a queen!”
(smiling again)…thank you…I would like to be a queen
“Yes, you will be a queen and you will keep the castle clean and make sure that everything is put away in it’s place”
(now laughing)…you mean I have to clean the castle!!? [for those of you who know me, I don’t clean the house very much…can’t imaging cleaning the castle!…and certainly don’t think I would be doing castle cleaning if I was the QUEEN!!!]


(Picture is from – Kilkenny Castle)

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  1. hahaha…TOO CUTE!!! yep, that WAS what you were meant to do. make sure all 126 toilets are clean, too. hehe


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