…what no big catastrophes? well the weekend isn’t over yet! No, really, things have been pretty quiet (well no sicknesses)…
Yesterday was Logan’s first dance class and then 15 minutes later the boys first gymnastics class. Everything went pretty well. Logan loved it. Looks like there will only be 3 or 4 other girls in the class and they did pretty simple things. she looked so cute in her leotards and ballet shoes. As for the boys, well they did pretty well too. the hour we had to wait for their class to start was a little rough. this place is pretty big and has a huge play area but the toys are mostly for the 12-18 month set…not exactly entertaining for my boys. Next week I’ll need to remember to bring something more for them to do. When they finally got in there, they were in a class of 8 boys with one teacher. I’m not sure that is a good ratio but we’ll see. Matthew was pretty distracted by all that was going on (even medicated) but he was pretty good about staying in line and following. And what was the favorite parts of the adventure?

Logan: dancing to itsy bitsy spider
Matthew: doing the (high bar) monkey bars with chalk on my hands
Riley: doing the rings and turning upside down

I think the next 8 weeks our Saturday mornings will be pretty full!

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  1. Glad you had no catastophes. We didn’t, either! I bet Logan looks adorable in ballet class!


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