The saga continues…

On Saturday night we were outside late and I got a bunch of mosquito bites. So, when Logan came in and showed me her bumps on Sunday I was sure that was what it was. When she complained later in the day and on Monday of more itching I told her she must be ” very sweet”!
When we were riding to the pool yesterday and she started scratching her head, I thought for sure that she had the “L” word (since last week there was someone in the other 3 year old class with it!) and groaned inward about how that would be a pain.

When we got to the pool I checked her head but she didn’t have lice…what I did see was a “bug bite” in her scalp where she was scratching (phew…dodged that bullet!).
It wasn’t until last night after dinner when she was scratching more and I found a few more bug bites on her stomach (which was covered when she was out) that it slowly dawned on me….


It can’t be, shingles isn’t contageous…she got the vaccine…how can I be out of work for a week?!!! Tomorrow is Tuesday (my busy day at work which I have missed for the last 3 weeks because of illness of some sort and my nurse is going to KILL me)…

but it is…it’s the POX…ugh! All I can say is the rest of them (the kids) better get them quickly…like soon…not spaced out over the next 2 months…but within the next couple of days!!!!

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  1. Please do NOT bring me the pox. đŸ˜¦ YIKES!!!!


  2. Tag, you’re it! Check out my blog.


  3. No way! Guess that says it all about needing 2 doses of the vaccine!

    I wish I had known you were displaced from your house. We were around this weekend (except I went to a wedding on Sat.). I’m sorry I didn’t call you guys to see what you were doing. đŸ˜¦


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