First day of school…

Here is the homework Riley did today at afterschool care (the words in Red are what he wrote in)…

My First Day of School…

…Today, TosDay was my first day of school. When I woke up this morning, I felt neRvis about going to school. The weather was CoLD. I wore shoRTs to school. My teacher’s name is Misvon (Ms. Vaughan). The first thing we did in class was Red Books. I made friends with JahDen. At play time I liked Monkey BaR. At lunch time I ate Samwith. The best think I liked doing today was Resess. I did not like Music. At the end of my first day of school, I felt good.

I think he is off to a good start. He was happy when I picked him up from daycare and he got a green mark on his calendar. Tonight as he was falling asleep he asked me to put a note in his lunch box with “I love you” on it so he could look at it during the day (awwww).

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  1. Riley is a sweetheart. His request for a note from you saying “I love you” is just so sweet!
    Tell him we said, “I’d like to introduce Mr. Sandy Buttocks.”


  2. What a little sweetie!


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