The other shoe…

…just dropped. I can officially say that I have had one of the worst 2 weeks in history…I’ll itemize it for you…

1) trip coming off the beach…break and sprain ankle

2) have to work for the next 14 days in a row without a break

3) totally overwhelmed at work but finally make it thru weekend one

4) come back to work on Monday and start to feel really bad…

5) remember at 12 that Addison has f/u eye doctor appointment…

6) rush to complete work that could take 4 hours in about 2 and run to pick her up and then drive across town to the eye doctor…

7) start to run fever…go back and pick up the other kids and drive Matthew to a birthday party…

8) get the BIG fever while at Burger King with the other 3 kids; spill one cup of Hi-C

9) DRAAGGG myself home after picking up Matthew (and having to wait an extra 1/2 hour for the party to be over)…

10) Addison becomes febrile during the night…

11) We stay home on Tuesday…have to cancel 10 patients and 2 lectures (not to mention arranging someone to round with team for me)

12) Feel a little better in evening only to get fever back overnight and SPLITTING headache and runny nose to go with it.

13) Addison wakes up with fever…we both stay home…

14) get a call from daycare about Matthew’s “rash”…what rash? I only thought he had scraped himself on the pool wall.

15) start thinking about the distribution of his “scrapes”….DOGGONEIT!

16) take to pediatrician so I don’t have to diagnose it

17) you guessed it!!!!….SHINGLES – now he has to stay out for at least a day…(and you know what that means….UGH!)…I’m going to take a nap!

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  1. YIKES!!! Hope everyone feels better FAST!!


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