Visit to NC Outer Banks…

Teresa and Tom rented a house on the Outer Banks for 2 weeks and so we went out there for the weekend. The Outer Banks is about 3 1/2 hours drive from Richmond so we set out early Saturday and arrived around 10:30. The weather was beautiful, the house was beautiful and, since I haven’t seen Teresa (and her new daughter Charlotte) since…before Charlotte was born. It was a nice visit. The kids loved the sun, the surf, and, especially the pool right in the yard. Have I told you how much they love to swim? well, they were in 7th Heaven with a pool in the yard. Here are some pictures from the beach on Sunday.

Riley is becoming a complete surfer boy! Look at him getting ready to tackle the waves! Logan and Addison loved playing in the surf at the edge of the waves.

The sand was a big hit for the kids as well.

So, it was a perfect weekend…until…well, while leaving the beach on Sunday I fell in a hole at the end of the beach stairs and TWISTED my ankle…okay, I have had sprains before, but this was the one to beat all. So, Tom drove me to the local Urgent Care center and we did an xray. The review by the ortho here confirms mostly a sprain with a tiny avulsion fracture of the tip of the fibula. He thinks I pulled the entire ligament off of the fibula with a piece of it! Treatment is like a sprain though…most important thing is getting back range of motion and strength. So I get an air cast for stability…PT referral (cuz his “women” physicians usually are too busy to do the exercise they need to do to get the range of motion and strength back)…a handicapped sticker for 6 weeks and ice!
It was pretty sore driving home last night but was better (a little) this am after sleeping with it on 5 pillows and a bag of ice on it all night. Going to be a busy week though…since I need to walk all over the hospital while I am on service. UGH!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your ankle! I hope it is feeling better. There’s always an adventure in your life, isn’t there? Debra


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