The Dirty (1/2) Dozen

Well, our vacation is officially over but we had a good time with Denise and her two girls. The 3 older kids are all separated by 6 months and they got along great. There were some tears as the girls drove away.

Here’s Addison: Look how she has learned how to say “cheese”

These are from this large pool and waterpark near our house today. Matthew and Addison like playing in the sandy area!

These below are from our last night dinner at Friendlies…I doubt I will ever go back to that one …but we left a good tip!

These ones show the “dynamic duos” that cropped up this week. Logan and Nina loved playing princess and make up together. Elena and Riley loved playing and riding bikes together.

Okay, here are the dirty (half) dozen!

Tomorrow the kids and I will drive to the beach in NC to visit with Teresa and her family who are staying there for 2 weeks. We (unfortunately) only get to spend 2 days with them but are excited about meeting baby Charlotte for the first time and seeing the boys!

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  1. Sue,
    Love the photos! We had a great, great time visiting you and the kids. They are an adorable bunch of kids! We are both very lucky. Thanks for everything. We love seeing you.


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